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About Us

Abhinav Kulkarni Amartansh Dubey

Abhinav is a passionate electronics engineer and believes in using technology for constructive purposes. Through this platform, he wishes to pen down a few practical skills which might prove essential in electronic product design.
    Will be writing more tutorials as free time is available. Also if you are willing to contribute to the blog, feel free to contact here.
Thank you!

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     Myself Amartansh Dubey, 3rd year B.TECH Electronics and Communication engineering student. I love electronics and passionate about it because electronics is far ahead of other fields of engineering in terms of innovations, impacts and complexities, It is evident from past that most of the innovations due to electronics were never dreamed by a common people. I mean no one ever imagined that mobiles, TV, 3G, nanotechnology, sixth sense technology, VLSI(few vacuum tubes to millions of transistors on single chip) would exist.
     I have keen interest in Image Processing (OpenCV, Matlab), embedded systems and core analog electronics and have sound experience of embedded processors and controllers like intel atom, FPGA, Panda boards, Beagle-bone,8085, AVR series, etc and serial communication.

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    This blog is our first attempt to contribute to technical awareness, Please spend a couple of precious minutes to provide us a feedback. In case of any doubts, ideas or any suggestions, feel free to post here or send an e-mail.